September 25, 2017 Interstate Moves

7 Important Tips You Need to Consider When in Need of a Storage Facility When Moving

At one point in life, a home owner will have to change homes. According to recent research in the US, 20% of homeowners are said to change homes on a yearly basis either moving to a new house or creating space for major house repairs.

Most families are known to go through lots of stress when moving. One great method to help relieve some stress is to rent a storage facility. At a minimal fee, you are able to access a secure holding place to keep all your stuff to ensure you take proper care of your items whenever you are moving. Incorporating a storage facility when moving is more seamless than what many people think. Here are seven tips that will help you to get a storage facility when moving.

1. Know the Right Size of Storage You Will Need

You need to know how large your storage unit should be. It is important to have a larger storage unit that will be enough for all your belongings though you will not want to pay for something that is too big. You will always get staff at various moving companies who are ready to help you determine the right size of unit. You can also use the online space estimators to help you know what can fit in.

In case you are planning to move out of the Melbourne, you need to see the type of storage facilities in Melbourne. For example a 5 by 5 foot storage unit is okay when you will be storing small boxes. In case you will need to store a one bedroom home, you can opt for the 10 by 10 foot unit.

2. Consider the Climate Control

In case you are planning to store your electronics, artwork, photos or any other item that you feel is sentimental, you can always consider reserving a climate controlled unit.

Humidity and temperature changes can easily warp mildew upholstery and furniture. It is advisable you consider the time of year, duration and the items you will be storing.

3. Know the Items you want to Store

In case there is anything you can live without when moving should be perfectly packed and stored in the storage unit. For example, if you have two sets of pans and pots, ensure you pack one set and keep the remaining set for your kitchen use until the moving date approaches. Out of season clothes can be boxed up and stored well.

As you are packing more boxes, you will be increasing what you are adding to your storage unit. Instead of thinking of what will fit in, you need to consider an area where you can place it.

4. Check the Lease Options

In case you are packing your items for long term storage, you will need to get a longer lease period. In case you are only interested in using your storage unit during the moving process, the best option will be a short lease period. Ensure you correctly explain all your needs to the storage facility staff and they will always help you get the best facility and lease that fits your needs.

5. Ensure you Get Right Insurance Cover

When asking for the storage facility details, ensure you take some time and ask about how you can get the best insurance cover. Making a call to your insurance agent will help you find the best insurance cover and if your items are still insured when they are in the storage unit. The renters and homeowners’ insurance policies do include off premises property protection for damage, theft and other disasters. However, the extent at which the coverage applies depends on the insurance firm.