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October 12, 2017Local Moves

Preparing Your New Space

We all understand how difficult the moving process can be. There’s a lot more to it than simply packing your things and taking them from one place to another. You also need to prepare that place, a...

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October 12, 2017Self Storage

What You Should Consider Before Renting A Self Storage Unit

The first thing to consider when renting out a storage unit is that not all storage facilities are similar. There are differences that can be noticed between two different storage companies. Security...

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September 29, 2017Self Storage

Infographic: 5 Advantages OF Storage Facilities!

Ever felt a need for extra space or storage? Wondering how would you shift to a new house with all the stuff? Opting for major house repair and can’t manage the space? The answer to all these quest...

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September 25, 2017Interstate Moves

7 Important Tips You Need to Consider When in Need of a Storage Facility When Moving

At one point in life, a home owner will have to change homes. According to recent research in the US, 20% of homeowners are said to change homes on a yearly basis either moving to a new house or crea...

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September 23, 2017Self Storage

The Best Packing Materials for Storage

Storage is really only half the battle when you’re moving. It’s very important to pack your items properly, and understand how to protect them when they’re being stored. There are times that th...

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