October 12, 2017 Self Storage

What You Should Consider Before Renting A Self Storage Unit

The first thing to consider when renting out a storage unit is that not all storage facilities are similar. There are differences that can be noticed between two different storage companies. Security, cleanliness, customer service, temperature settings, and availability are all factors that make one company more preferred over another. If you find security to be very important when keeping items in a storage unit, you will want to go with the storage company with the best security.

According to studies, most self storage robberies are due to criminals who disguise themselves as self storage users. They will rent out an empty storage unit, but instead of using their own unit, they will break into another one by using a pair of bolt cutters on your lock, and take what they want out of your unit. Then, they will replace the lock with their own lock, so you do not have access to your own storage unit, while they do.

If this worries you as you are renting out a storage unit, ask the storage facility manager about other possible lock options or additional security measures, such as alarms or surveillance cameras. Electronic keypads will authorise entry to any people who know the passcode. Unauthorised entries will trigger alarms, causing a lot of attention and discouraging robbers from proceeding with their planned burglary. Added security should not affect any storage costs in Melbourne.

Climate controlled storage units are ideal for places that have lots of intense weather patterns. Even though your belongings are sheltered in a storage unit, it does not mean that they cannot be affected from rain, snow, heat, and cold. Humidity is the overall factor in damaging materials like wood, fabrics, and other objects, as you do not want to find your wood furniture end up being warped, or a fabric rug to grow mildew on it. Climate controlled storage units have heating and air conditioning units, which the units that items are put in are at the same room temperature all year round. These are ideal for belongings that you don’t want to leave outdoors.

To reduce storage costs in Melbourne, rent out a unit that is the size that you actually need. Customers tend to rent units that are too large for the items that they store. Many storage units come in a variety of dimensions, and you should only pay for how much space you think is necessary. Large items like tables and beds should be disassembled before being stored. Boxes should be stacked on dressers to save on room for the rest of your unit. Sofas should be stood on one of their ends on a pallet, with protective covering. Chairs can also be stacked on top of one another or seat to seat. These are just a few simple tricks to save room when renting out smaller units.

Mobile storage units are convenient in the sense that you can transport your storage unit, opposed to always having it in one place. These mobile units are great for when you want to move to a new home. You can have the unit delivered to you, you can fill it up with items, and it can go back to the storage facility until you need to empty it.