December 21, 2017 Serviced Storage

Five Proven Tips for Selecting the Best Self Storage Services

When you do not have the space to fit in all your belongings, then nothing comes handy than self storage services in your city. Of course, with the ever rising mortgage rates and budget being an issue, upgrading your property or buying a new bigger home seems out of question. You may have stuff that you do not wish to sell and when your current home looks crammed it is time to check out storage costs in Melbourne.

Here are a few tips you can take note of to find the right storage facility that suits your needs and budget:

The Right Type of Storage
First things first, you need to search for the right type of storage facility that can accommodate your treasured belongings. You do not want to end up selecting a self-storage service that is not suitable for your stuff and which is not within your budget. It is best to go check the storage facility to get a clear idea of the storage size available. You need to ensure it is neither too big nor small to keep your things safe in it.

Make a List and Get a Quote
On the other hand, make a list of all things that you want to keep in the storage facility. Send this list to a couple of storage companies to get a quote based on how long you intend to use their services. Find out if they offer any discounts beforehand.

The Location of Storage Company and Accessibility Factor
You might want to get a quick access to the stuff you place in the storage facility on a monthly or fortnightly basis. In this case, it is best to choose a storage facility that is in proximity to your home or office. Local storage facilities are ideal as you can regularly visit them when needed. Although, far away rural companies might offer big discounts it is not worth it when you need to access the facility quite often.

The Security of the Storage Facility
Indeed you do not need a prison-level type of security to keep your belongings safe in the facility. However, ensure the storage company offers the basic level of security and an assurance of safety for your stuff in the form of insurance or other means. Check if the facility has cameras and quality locks to keep your valuable items safe. Do not compromise on this factor as once lost, your treasured belongings are no longer valuable.

Consider the Special Storage Offers
When you consider storage costs Melbourne it is important to take note of any seasonal discounts or special offers. Some storage firms might offer first month free services followed by long term special discounts as a way of promoting their company. Keep an eye on these offers as it will save you money while keeping your stuff safe and secure.

If you are moving to a new place or just need more space, it is best to take some time to consider the above tips to find the right storage facility in Melbourne.