January 2, 2018 Self Storage

Packaging Tips for Self-Storage

Self-storage can become necessary for several different reasons. You may need to move quickly, and don’t have room for all of your items yet. Or, you could be moving into a smaller space and simply can’t take everything with you. Not everybody wants to get rid of everything as soon as they find a new place to live. This is especially true when you’re going into a temporary situation or plan on living abroad for a while.

Self-storage is a fantastic option when you need to leave something somewhere for a long period of time. There are many different storage options that can accommodate you regardless of the length of time you need to leave items in its care. The trick is in understanding exactly how to package things yourself. It doesn’t matter how fantastic the storage facility is if you don’t properly prepare all your items to sit for a long period of time unattended. Even if they are exposed to the elements or other dangers, they can still break down over time.

Some items are more fragile than others and this is one thing that’s extremely important to remember when packaging your goods. It can also be a great idea to sit down with the moving company that specializes in storage in to ask for their advice. Some of them can offer services that extend into packing her things for you. This can take a huge amount of stress off of you, and free you up to handle the move without worrying about the packing and the storing. They can also provide you with excellent storage materials. Many of these companies actually bring the storage pod right to your front door. This minimizes the damage that can happen during travel.

That’s one less thing to worry about, and a great asset whether you’re moving or simply displacing things for remodeling. It’s important to find a company that specializes in container storage in Melbourne. Many of these places will offer warehouses where they can store your goods far away from a more traditional storage model. This is excellent in the sense that they can transport your goods right back to you without having the added trip of you picking them up and hauling them wherever you need them. The less your things have to move, the less opportunity there is for them to break or become damaged during transport. These are just a few tips for packing some of the more delicate items on your own:


The best place to store historic papers or personal documents is in a safety deposit box when you can’t have them in your care. If this is impossible, you want to make sure that each and every piece is packaged separately. This may seem like a bit much, but you want historical documents to be as protected as possible. You might go to your local library and ask them exactly what conditions are correct for storing that particular type of paper. Otherwise, you want to make sure they’re in a vacuum sealed container of some kind. Make sure that they are going to be exposed any elements, and that the rubbing together papers is minimized.


When packaging antiques, it’s imperative to know what they’re worth and exactly what condition they arrive at the storage facility in. You’ll need to take a precise inventory of your antiques, and make sure you have photographic evidence of the shape that they arrived in. It can also be a good idea to purchase extra insurance on these types of products. If they’re irreplaceable, then you want the added peace of mind.