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Tape Dispenser

One handed use – comfort grip handle

  • Safety feature – red hat blade cover
  • Static cling strip will retain the tape in the upright position

$19.95 + GST

There are certain things which are always available in a house which is well maintained and organised. The big things in a house do not separate the organised houses from the not so organised ones. It is the smaller things which really make the difference. Certain tools can make life a lot easier and safer. One such thing is a tape dispenser. It may not look very useful but it can have a profound impact on many important things. In a project that is done a proper tape dispenser can prevent small accidents which may make the entire project look untidy and make all the efforts put to make the project go in vain. By using the storage station’s tape dispenser one can avoid such situations as they are easy to use. They can be operated with just one hand which makes working a whole lot easier.

Moreover, it retains the tape in an upright position after use because of the presence of the static ring. This saves valuable time during deadline projects.

3 Seater Lounge Cover

To be placed over a 3 seater couch to protect it when either in transit or storage

  • Length 3050mm
  • Width 1820mm
  • Thickness 30Um
  • Quantity: 1 Cover

$6.00 + GST

This 3-seater lounge cover has been designed in a way to provide optimum protection to the couch from dust and dirt particles. Made from high grade plastic, the cover showcases great durability and is capable of protecting your expensive couch from physical damages as well. With thickness of 30Um, you can definitely expect the cover to last many months, without any kind of hassle.

The length of this cover is 3050mm, whereas 1820mm is the width, which is certainly enough for covering 3-seater couch of any shape. You can simply slip the couch inside the cover and remain worry free.

No matter if you are looking to transport the couch to somewhere else, or just want to store it safely, in any case, this cover will be useful in maintaining the durability and aesthetic appeal of your couch. Buy the best quality 3-seater lounge cover at the most affordable price.

Single Seat Lounge Cover

To be placed over a lounge chair to protect it when either in transit or storage.

  • Length 1950mm
  • Width 1600mm
  • Thickness 30Um
  • Quantity: 1 Cover

$3.00 + GST

Lounge Chairs make for great furniture, acting as comfortable seating for your lounge, dining rooms or outdoor verandahs, however maintaining these single seaters can be a task. The single seat lounge cover from storage station is an essential purchase to help keep your chairs clean and tidy. Moreover, when planning to put away your furniture for a long time or transiting it, using a cover can help protect the chair from suffering any kind of damage. The cover has a 30Um thickness, which makes it ideal for all purposes and can be used for multiple sizes of furniture as well.

Porta Robe Carton & Rail

Easy clothes transfer between wardrobes. Temporary Wardrobe for Theatre, Modelling and Photo Shoots.

  • Length: 595mm
  • Width: 479mm
  • Height: 1080mm
  • Litres: 300
  • Cubic Metres: 0.30
  • Weight: 3.26kg
  • Quantity: 1 Carton
  • Supplied: Flat

$9.00 + GST (recycled)
$18.00 + GST (new)

The Porta Robe Carton & Rail is a lightweight and durable storage rack. It is easy to carry around and makes for a great backup wardrobe for storing your clothes, be it lightweight coats or heavy robes. The carton has been designed for portability, and weights merely 3.26 kg, making it easy to carry for modelling events or photo shoots, or store clothing at theatres and storage inventories.

No need to worry about unnecessary stains or be concerned about your ironing getting ruined, the Porta Robe Carton is rigid and sturdy. The product is also ideal for transiting clothes, as it protects your robes from dust and damage, while ensuring that they stay crisp and clean.

Tea Chest Carton

The most versatile box. All household items including small appliances.

  • Length: 431mm
  • Width: 406mm
  • Height: 596mm
  • Litres: 104
  • Cubic Metres: 0.104
  • Weight: 1.18kg
  • Quantity: 1 Carton
  • Supplied: Flat

$2.50 + GST (recycled)
$4.50 + GST (new)

In every household there is a need for a utility box in which people can put small things which are very useful. In an ideal situation such a box should be versatile so that people can put things of different shapes and sizes in them. The best thing about such utility tea chests are that it becomes very easy to find them when one looks for them when they are needed the most. This prevents situations where something useful which is small gets lost or are not found when they are required. Although such a tea chest may not seem much but once they are used one can understand its value. It saves a lot of time and energy at crucial times. One of the best and most popular of such tea chests is the tea chest carton available at a very affordable rate. This box is just the size that it requires it to be.

King Mattress Cover

To be placed over a king mattress to protect it when either in transit or storage.

  • Length: 2550mm
  • Width: 1850mm
  • Height: 350mm
  • Thickness 60Um
  • Quantity: 1 Cover

$14.00 + GST

Mattresses are usually expensive, and when you purchase one, you want it to keep up its durability. In this regard, the king mattress cover can provide you the most apt solution. It is really effective in protecting your mattress when being transported from one location to another and you can also use it for storing your expensive mattress for months.

Once you cover your king mattress with this high quality cover, you can remain assured that dirt and dust particles will not be able to cause any damage to the mattress. Made from 60Um thick plastic, the king mattress cover is tough enough to last many years. 2550mm is the length of this cover, whereas 1850mm and 350mm is the width and height respectively. If you want your mattress to look and smell fresh, buy the king mattress cover available at a reasonable price.

Queen Mattress Cover

To be placed over a queen mattress to protect it when either in transit or storage.

  • Length: 2500mm
  • Width: 1600mm
  • Height: 300mm
  • Thickness 40Um
  • Quantity: 1 Cover

$12.00 + GST

A queen size mattress is an investment and not something that can be replaced everyday. To find a right mattress for both of you is a task in itself and then there is the matter of cost. So once you have invested in a queen mattress and that works for both of you, it becomes important for you to protect if from any damage. A mattress when left to store for very long have the risk of being exposed to dust and moisture which leads to molds, bed bugs and various other things that are plain unhealthy and unhygienic. These conditions can then lead to serious health issues.

It is hence required that you protect your mattress in a queen mattress cover. These covers with 40Um thickness are perfect for protecting the mattresses from such external particles or from any wear and tear while moving it from one place to another.

Single Mattress Cover

To be placed over a single mattress to protect it when either in transit or storage.

  • Length: 2250mm
  • Width: 1200mm
  • Height: 250mm
  • Thickness 40Um
  • Quantity: 1 Cover

$6.00 + GST

Mattresses are one of the basic necessities of a household. After a long day of work or play, getting a good night’s rest is an absolute must. A good mattress plays a big role in this. While moving a mattress it is prone to wear and tear, so it is a good idea to use a mattress cover so that the mattress is not left bare and exposed sharp objects. Moreover, during storing a mattress for a prolonged period of times, dust and moisture might settle on and in the mattress. This might lead to mold and other bacterial growth which is extremely harmful. So it is essential that you protect the mattress form dust and moisture with an air tight cover. With 2250 mm length, 1200 mm width, 250 mm height, a single mattress cover is perfect for this purpose.

Dining Chair Cover

To be placed over a dining chair to protect it when either in transit or storage.

  • Length: 1000mm
  • Width: 250mm
  • Height: 1200mm
  • Thickness 75Um
  • Quantity: 1 Cover

$2.50 + GST

Shifting is a difficult task as it involves various factors that demand your attention. Packing, storing or moving big objects such as furniture’s is especially cumbersome. What we also have to ensure during this process is the safety of the furniture. A lot of furniture’s get chipped in the process. The best way to avoid that is with protective covers.

Dining chair covers are ideal for protecting your chairs not only from scrapes and scratches while being moved but also from dust particles if you choose to store them for a long period of time. These covers with dimensions 1000 mm in length, 250 mm in width and 1200 mm in height, ensure that they cover all kinds of dining chairs, no matter what the size and design of those are. With 75Um thickness, they are not too thick to be heavy and thick enough to protect chairs from any damage.

Ream of Packing Paper

Wrapping any item before packing. Scrunching to fill voids and also to pad the top and bottom of boxes.

  • Weight: 15kg
  • Quantity: 1 Ream

$33.00 + GST

If you planning to move your items from one place to other, or simply want to store them safely, you must make use of high quality packing paper. By purchasing this ream of packing papers you can add a lot of effectiveness to your packing process. The paper can be used for wrapping any item before packing it finally inside cardboard box or other storage options. You can also use the paper to fill voids by scrunching the paper and putting it inside the spaces.

You can also use the paper as padding inside the storage boxes, so that when you place your expensive items inside the box, they do not get damaged due to sudden jerks. The scrunched paper is very much capable of soaking the pressure or force generated due to sudden jerks. The weight of this packing paper ream is 15kgs, available at a reasonable price.

Roll of Packing Tape

Closing Boxes. Taping off Plastic Furniture / Protection Covers.

  • Length: 75m
  • Width: 48mm
  • Quantity: 1 Roll

$3.00 + GST

When it comes to packing items safely and properly, the use of packing tape becomes quite important, and for this reason, it is vital to make use of high quality packing tape. In this regard, you can take into consideration our roll of packing tape made from highly durable plastic material. Plus, the adhesive used in this packing tape is highly effective in closing or sealing boxes.

When items are stored inside boxes, it is vital to make sure the edges and the opening section of the box have been provided optimum protection, mainly if the boxes have to be transported from one place to another. You can use this packing tape for taping off plastic furniture, which in turn would protect the furniture from scratches and other minor damages. The length of this packing tape is 75m, whereas the width is 48mm.

Book & Wine Carton

Books, Wine Bottles, CD’s/DVD’s, Games and other Non Breakable items.

  • Length: 400mm
  • Width: 300mm
  • Height: 435mm
  • Litres: 52
  • Cubic Metres: 0.052
  • Weight: 0.59kg
  • Quantity: 1 Carton
  • Supplied: Flat

$1.25 + GST (recycled)
$2.50 + GST (new)

These cartons are the perfect containers for storage or shipment of various household items. These sturdy boxes are made out of recycled cardboard and are biodegradable – making them safe to hold various objects in one place and be safe for nature at the same time.

Often we find our homes cluttered with small things such as CDs, DVDs and other small non breakables that we do not need in a regular basis. However, it is important to store them in a place so that they are not difficult to find later when we need them. These cartons provide the perfect storing option for such items.

They are of the perfect size for this purpose with 400 mm length, 300 mm width and 435 mm height. While flat and empty they are easy to be carried around and can constructed into a box when it is required for them to hold items.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap (Per Square Metre)

$2.00 + GST

When it comes to packing expensive and fragile items in a well-protected way, the efficiency and performance of Bubble Wrap cannot be questioned at all. This pliable plastic material has successfully become the most widely preferred option for packing fragile items. The air-filled hemispheres that take the shape of bubbles are very much effective in providing the much needed protection to your items.

Once you cover your expensive items with our good quality bubble wrap, you do not have to worry at all about the safety of your items. Made from high quality plastic, this bubble wrap can be purchased as per your requirements, in terms of per square meter. You can use it for general packing and as protective covers as well. The price has been kept absolutely reasonable so that you do not have to worry about spending too much on packing your items.

Picture/Mirror Carton

Ideal for small and medium sized pictures, paintings or table tops.

  • Length: 1040mm
  • Width: 75mm
  • Height: 775mm
  • Litres: 60
  • Cubic Metres: 0.06
  • Weight: 1.02kg
  • Quantity: 10 Cartons
  • Supplied: Flat

$2.50 + GST (recycled)
$5.00 + GST (new)

We totally understand that pictures and paintings are usually quite expensive, and they carry a lot of emotional value as well. So, it is important that we must protect them in the best way possible, particularly at the time of transit. In this regard, the picture/mirror carton can provide your items optimum amount of protection from any kind of physical damage.

Scratches and dirt are the two main damaging aspects that paintings must be protected from. Made from high quality cardboard, weighing 1.02kg, these cartons are quite capable of safeguarding even fragile items like mirror. Offering volume of 60 litres, these cartons can accommodate small and medium sized paintings, pictures, and table tops.

Each package contains 10 cartons. The length and width of each carton is 1040mm and 75mm respectively, whereas 775mm is the height.


Our full range of moving boxes and other transport products are available for purchase directly from our central supply office. We can also have one of our small, medium or large packing material packs delivered to you practically anywhere in the Greater Melbourne area. We have an extensive selection of packing materials and other products from moving boxes and packing paper to heavy duty tape, bubble wrap, plastic furniture covers, and much more.

When it comes to transporting items from one place to the other, the first thing that comes to our mind is how to get the best packing supplies. Well, if you too are looking for the same, the packing supplies available at our online store are enough to fulfil your requirements. We have high- quality cartons comprising of various sizes, which can accommodate a wide range of items. The tape dispenser we have has been designed to add more smoothness to the process of packing the cartons.

For mattresses, we have highly durable mattress cover, and you can purchase them as per the dimensions of your mattress. The dining chair covers we have are made to withstand a lot of wear and tear, so that your furniture items do get damaged.

Contact one of our friendly staff members to obtain the packing and transport supplies you need for your relocation process or to arrange a material collection.

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