November 14, 2017 Serviced Storage

Preparing your Possessions for Storage

There’s something slightly alarming about placing all your possessions into storage. Trusting everything you own to a company that provides a large locked box is definitely a reason for anxiety. This is why it’s so important to make sure that you’re looking for the best storage company possible. It can be a good idea to work with companies that offer more than just storage services. Ones that also offer removal services will tend to be more attentive to your items. You also want to make sure that their facilities are up to date, and see what types of amenities they offer. A full-service company may even be able to bring the storage unit to you! They will have containers that fit on the backs of their trucks. This means that your items can be packed and stored on site, and then taken to a secure and safe location.

When it’s time to move your possessions into your new home or office space, then you can have that same storage unit delivered directly to where you need it. This is actually much safer than traditional storage methods. When dealing with stationary storage sites, you’ll have to load all of your things onto a moving truck after packing them. Then, you’ll have to unload them into a storage unit at another location. Once you have a place to put your things (even if it’s hundreds of miles away), you’ll need to go and re-load everything back onto a moving truck. Then you’ll need to unload it again once you arrive at your location.

This is quite a bit of unnecessary work along with several more opportunities for your things to be damaged. The more times that things have to be unloaded, reloaded, and packed- the more likely they are to be broken during the move. Finding a storage space in Melbourne that provides a portable storage unit can save you both time and money. If you do plan on storing certain items, these are just a few things to prepare for:


Cover any delicate furniture, and pad the corners as necessary. You also need to take the size of all furniture into consideration. Make sure that any area that might be exposed to other pieces of furniture are padded and covered with appropriate materials. There are special protective blankets and foam edges (akin to pool noodles) that can stop chips, scratches, and damage to surfaces.

If you have a couch or a bed that needs to be disassembled, then you need to go ahead and take care of this prior to storing them. This makes more room, and presents less surface area for damage. Make sure that you store all of the necessary hardware in clearly marked containers to use when the furniture needs to be put back together.


If you’ll need to store clothing, visit your local dry cleaners and ask about purchasing some plastic clothing bags. Higher-end clothing may require cloth bags. This will protect against dust and insects that can eat clothing. Moth balls can also be helpful to deter these flying pests.

Books and Papers

Books can rot and fall apart if they are exposed to moisture or other elements. There are also insects that can eat through your books and important papers. It’s extremely important to separate delicate pages with an absorbent material, and to make sure that the paper products are being stored in a dry, temperature controlled and airtight space.

Delicate Items

Expensive and delicate items like jewelry or fine art need to be carefully inventoried and packaged. They must be counted and kept close tabs on. Consider a safety deposit box for items that are particularly valuable.