Porta Robe Carton & Rail

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Easy clothes transfer between wardrobes. Temporary Wardrobe for Theatre, Modelling and Photo Shoots.

  • Length: 595mm
  • Width: 479mm
  • Height: 1080mm
  • Cubic Litres: 300
  • Cubic Metres: 0.30
  • Weight: 3.26kg
  • Quantity: 1 Carton
  • Supplied: Flat
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The Porta Robe Carton & Rail is a lightweight and durable storage rack. It is easy to carry around and makes for a great backup wardrobe for storing your clothes, be it lightweight coats or heavy robes. The carton has been designed for portability, and weights merely 3.26 kg, making it easy to carry for modelling events or photo shoots, or store clothing at theatres and storage inventories.

No need to worry about unnecessary stains or be concerned about your ironing getting ruined, the Porta Robe Carton is rigid and sturdy. The product is also ideal for transiting clothes, as it protects your robes from dust and damage, while ensuring that they stay crisp and clean.

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