Tape Dispenser

$19.95 + GST

One handed use – comfort grip handle

• Safety feature – red hat blade cover
• Static cling strip will retain the tape in the upright position



There are certain things which are always available in a house which is well maintained and organised. The big things in a house do not separate the organised houses from the not so organised ones. It is the smaller things which really make the difference. Certain tools can make life a lot easier and safer. One such thing is a tape dispenser. It may not look very useful but it can have a profound impact on many important things. In a project that is done a proper tape dispenser can prevent small accidents which may make the entire project look untidy and make all the efforts put to make the project go in vain. By using the storage station’s tape dispenser one can avoid such situations as they are easy to use. They can be operated with just one hand which makes working a whole lot easier.

Moreover, it retains the tape in an upright position after use because of the presence of the static ring. This saves valuable time during deadline projects.