King Mattress Cover

$12.50 + GST

To be placed over a king mattress to protect it when either in transit or storage.

  • Length 2550mm
  • Width 1850mm
  • Height 350mm
  • Thickness 60Um
  • Quantity: 1 Cover


Mattresses are usually expensive, and when you purchase one, you want it to keep up its durability. In this regard, the king mattress cover can provide you the most apt solution. It is really effective in protecting your mattress when being transported from one location to another and you can also use it for storing your expensive mattress for months.

Once you cover your king mattress with this high quality cover, you can remain assured that dirt and dust particles will not be able to cause any damage to the mattress. Made from 60Um thick plastic, the king mattress cover is tough enough to last many years. 2550mm is the length of this cover, whereas 1850mm and 350mm is the width and height respectively. If you want your mattress to look and smell fresh, buy the king mattress cover available at a reasonable price.