Ream of Packing Paper

$30.00 + GST

Wrapping any item before packing. Scrunching to fill voids and also to pad the top and bottom of boxes.

  • Weight: 15kg
  • Quantity: 1 Ream


If you planning to move your items from one place to other, or simply want to store them safely, you must make use of high quality packing paper. By purchasing this ream of packing papers you can add a lot of effectiveness to your packing process. The paper can be used for wrapping any item before packing it finally inside cardboard box or other storage options. You can also use the paper to fill voids by scrunching the paper and putting it inside the spaces.

You can also use the paper as padding inside the storage boxes, so that when you place your expensive items inside the box, they do not get damaged due to sudden jerks. The scrunched paper is very much capable of soaking the pressure or force generated due to sudden jerks. The weight of this packing paper ream is 15kgs, available at a reasonable price.