Queen Mattress Cover

$10.00 + GST

To be placed over a queen mattress to protect it when either in transit or storage.

  • Length 2500mm
  • Width 1600mm
  • Height 300mm
  • Thickness 40Um
  • Quantity: 1 Cover


A queen size mattress is an investment and not something that can be replaced everyday. To find a right mattress for both of you is a task in itself and then there is the matter of cost. So once you have invested in a queen mattress and that works for both of you, it becomes important for you to protect if from any damage. A mattress when left to store for very long have the risk of being exposed to dust and moisture which leads to molds, bed bugs and various other things that are plain unhealthy and unhygienic. These conditions can then lead to serious health issues.

It is hence required that you protect your mattress in a queen mattress cover. These covers with 40Um thickness are perfect for protecting the mattresses from such external particles or from any wear and tear while moving it from one place to another.