3 Seater Lounge Cover

$5.00 + GST

To be placed over a 3 seater couch to protect it when either in transit or storage

  • Length 3050mm
  • Width 1820mm
  • Thickness 30Um
  • Quantity: 1 Cover


This 3-seater lounge cover has been designed in a way to provide optimum protection to the couch from dust and dirt particles. Made from high grade plastic, the cover showcases great durability and is capable of protecting your expensive couch from physical damages as well. With thickness of 30Um, you can definitely expect the cover to last many months, without any kind of hassle.

The length of this cover is 3050mm, whereas 1820mm is the width, which is certainly enough for covering 3-seater couch of any shape. You can simply slip the couch inside the cover and remain worry free.

No matter if you are looking to transport the couch to somewhere else, or just want to store it safely, in any case, this cover will be useful in maintaining the durability and aesthetic appeal of your couch. Buy the best quality 3-seater lounge cover at the most affordable price.