September 23, 2017 Interstate Moves

How To Properly Handle A TV When Moving

If you are soon to move to a new home or apartment, you may find the handling of your TV to be very difficult. Not only are big screen TVs heavy, but they are also flat and are hard to carry due to their irregular shape. On top of that, they are very sensitive due to their LCD or plasma contents.

Not only is carrying it safely concerning, but so is keeping it secure inside a storage unit from your local storage solutions in Melbourne. With its fragile nature and blatant exposure, it can be difficult to find a stable place to put it where it will not move or fall over. So, here is what you need to know when carrying that big, bulky piece of technology.

The best way to carry a TV from place to place is by carrying it from inside the box that it came in, with all of its styrofoam. If you still have the box, then that’s great. If you don’t have the box anymore, you will need to find another box; one that is big enough to put the whole monitor inside of. If you still have its original box, but you cut a side open in order to get it out, then the box might not be suitable enough for storage. You can buy or find a big enough box at a wholesale or electronics store or your local storage solutions in Melbourne to use for your TV if you do not have a box for it.

Before moving the TV itself, it is a good idea to tape a sheet of sturdy cardboard against its screen. This supports the screen as well as prevents the screen from something scratching or cracking it. No TV is worth anything without an unscratched screen.

When setting the TV down, it is always important to keep it upright. If you place it on its front, it could damage the screen, and if you place it on its back, it will possibly be harmful to any brittle parts inside. You can either wrap the TV in bubble wrap, if you do not have a sheet of foam that was included in the TV’s packaging. Wrap the bubble wrap or foam with strong tape, but do not tape the wrap to the TV.

Place styrofoam corners at the bottom of the box so the TV has places to rest inside of it. You do not want to have nothing inside your box to protect your TV. You can also use a thick layer of bubble wrap, if you do not have any styrofoam available to you. With multiple layers of cushion and protection, your TV will be safe from the most unlikely of mishaps.

Silica gel packets are placed in packaged products for good reasons: They prevent moisture from causing damage to the goods that it is shipped with. You can buy silica gel packets at your local electronics store.

Once you place the TV inside of your box, fill any open areas with packing peanuts, so that the TV does not have any room to shake or move around inside of it. Once the whole box is filled with your TV as well as packaging, close the box and tape it shut, just to be extra sure that it does not fall out of the box when being transported.

Extreme high or low temperatures might also damage your TV, so be sure that your self storage unit is in between 50 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit in a dry area with little moisture.